Welcome to Finn-Asia Cricket Club!

Welcome to the home of Cricket in Turku, Finland. Finnasia cricket club welcomes you to Turku. The aim of the club is to play cricket for fun and provide an environment within which the locals of Turku and its surrounding areas can learn to play and participate in this great sport. It is open to ALL, whatever ability and experience. Enthusiasm is the only requirement. Please see the contacts page if you wish to find out more or come along and join in…. or if you have a team that would like to have a fixture against us.

Motto: ..coz Cricket matters where ever the hell you are !!

Division 2 Cricket League Champions 2015

Finn-Asia successfully secured their place at the top of the division 2 points table and promoted to division 1. Finn-Asia’s captain Hariharan Dandapani was the highest wicket taker in the league. The dashing opener Aravind Kumar Mohan also showed some brilliant knocks throughout the season. However, Finn-Asia will be playing as a division 1 team in upcoming 2016 league.

Indoor Cricket Champions 2015

It all began when a humble boy from Pakistan landed on the Finnish soil, he had flair in his eyes and his passion for cricket was burning deep in his heart. He left his country but could not leave cricket. This guy was Salman Qayyum Mian. FinnAsia’s most valued player and opening bowler for many years. He was a key player in winning the playoffs in 2011 against SKK and securing FinnAsia’s position in Div. 1 of the SM league of the Finnish Cricket Association. Even though he needed to move to Oulu, far off from Turku, leaving his beloved FinnAsia behind, he didn’t let this distance come in between his passion for the game. He founded a sister association to FinnAsia with a few like minded and talented players in Oulu, aptly naming his team Northern Lights Cricket Association (NLCA) Oulu. Just like Northern Lights, it is a pure pleasure and a spectacle to watch them in action.This team has been rising from day one and has been only getting better over the years. This was proven by them in the indoor tournament when they reached the Finals back to back two years in a row, and finally winning it comprehensively in 2015. Defending the championship brought home by FinnAsia. FinnAsia wishes Salman and Northern lights Oulu a very hearty congratulations and wishes that they keep on playing better cricket in the years to come.

Go Northern Lights ! Go Oulu !


You can get further information about the NLCA at:

Indoor Cricket Champions, 2013

Finn-Asia successfully defended their championship this year against 10 teams in this year’s indoor tournament. The team captain, Hariharan Dandapani led by example and took the team successfully through the finishing line yet again. This year, however, was much more adventurous and nail biting than last year. Having won its first game vs ‘Empire CC’, It was time to face our sister team ‘Northern Lights Oulu’. This was a team led by Salman Q. Mian (who is also a squad member of Finn-Asia). Here Ayush Mishra bowled the first ever ‘Steve Finn’ No ball in the history of the tournament. ‘Northern Lights Oulu’ played very well and pulled out the biggest upset of the tournament by defeating us, the defending champions. This loss only made Finn-Asia more focused and committed.
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Indoor Cricket Champions, 2012

FinnAsia cricket club emerged victorious and was crowned ‘Indoor Cricket Champions, 2012’ for the first time in the club history. The team was dominant throughout the tournament without losing even a single game and stamped their authority in the finals against the tournament favorites. The team was led from the front by captain Hariharan Dandapani who made sure the team got off to a good start every match and was followed by some brilliant batting by senior pros Shishir Jaikishan and Zabi Ali, who went on to contribute with the ball as well. When called upon there was some brutal hitting from Mahesh Tambe and calculative batting from Rishabh Sarna. The bowling was brilliant with Rishabh Sarna leading the attack and ably supported by the senior pros and the vice captain Ayush Mishra.
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Cricket’s allure reaches Finland

Finland is usually associated with sports played in the depths of winter. But an increasing numbers of Finns and foreigners are now helping to build a sport rooted in somewhat gentler climes: cricket.

Finnish cricket remains off the radar for many people in Finland. However, the sport is quietly growing and attracting new followers. Many of the players are from the Indian sub-continent, but increasing numbers of Finns are starting to get involved.
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Finn-Asia on YLE TV

Great additional token for the season that ended in division 1.

Rough English transcript is below (courtesy Pasi Kankäänpää):

Introduction: Now to a completely different atmosphere [meaning to something more joyful after the previous story]. Cricket increases in popularity in Finland. Mostly the sport is played by foreigners living in Finland. Finnish people find the hobby groups mostly by hearing through the grapevine. In Turku there are also cricket players.

Reporter: In Finland cricket is mostly considered a strange relative of the Finnish baseball. Here, in the promised land of ice-hockey and motorsports, cricket has been left in the shadows for the larger audiences. However, cricket is now gaining a stronger foothold also in Finland.
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