About us

During 90’s cricket was one of the way to socialize mainly for people of Asian origin. There used to be ‘friendly’ matches between teams from Helsinki, Turku & Tampere. Occasionally there used to be teams from Sweden and Estonia as well. Since then, Cricket in Finland has come a long-way. Cricket became organised in the year 1999 when Finnish Cricket Association (FCA) came into being. FCA has done a lot of work over the years to promote Cricket in Finland but a lot of work still has to be done.

History of Finn-Asia Cricket Club

The FinnAsia cricket club came into existence in 2005 due to relentless pursuit of our founders Abdul, Ajay and Ali. The thought behind building up the organization was to preserve and practice the Asian culture and sports here in the northern part of the Europe(world). The purpose of the association is also to introduce the new sport to the majority population in Finland. There are many who deserves their name to be mentioned here. We thank them for associated with FinnAsia Cricket Club. The website is now maintained by Kamesh, Anil and Shishir.

FinnAsia Cricket Club Codes of Conduct

This code does not set out to provide a detailed prescription, but rather the broad principles of acceptable behaviour in team as well as on the ground. Breaches of this or in any other code could lead to disciplinary action by team management. Roles and responsbilities of the club officials in brief can be found in pdf format here. For detailed description of roles and responsbilities of the club officials click here

• Play to the best of your ability, but within the rules of the game.
• Recognize and respect the abilities and disabilities of others – both team mates and opponents.
• Accept the officials’ decision without gesture or argument.
• Represent your team with pride and privilege.
• Be humble in victory and gracious in defeat.
• Support the coaches and their requests.
• Thank the coach, officials, opponents and supporters.

• Set affirmative and appropriate guidelines and behavioral standards for yourself and your athletes on and off the playing arena.
• Give all your players the same opportunity to play.
• Assume responsibility for your players’ conduct both on and off the playing arena.
• Instil a sense of pride and respect in players’ performance.
• Treat all players, including the opposition, with dignity and respect and demonstrate positive examples of sportsmanship at all times.
• Respect and accept the judgement and decisions of officials without remonstration.

• Encourage all participants to play within the rules of the game.
• Display self-control on the sideline.
• Show appreciation to coaches and officials who facilitate the game.
• Remember young people play sport for their satisfaction not yours.

• Control the game in a fair and positive manner.
• Be consistent and objective in your rulings.
• Modify your approach to suit the level of player skill.
• Help players learn the rules by explaining decisions where appropriate.
• Do what you can to ensure everyone enjoys the game.
• Encourage fair play and not tolerate foul play of any kind.
• Be a positive role model for your team.

We strictly enforce the “no pay and no play” rule. Unfortunately booking of indoor/outdoor stadiums, kits, website and all, does not come for free. We are very transparent in our budget and expenditures.

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