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Great additional token for the season that ended in division 1.

Rough English transcript is below (courtesy Pasi Kankäänpää):

Introduction: Now to a completely different atmosphere [meaning to something more joyful after the previous story]. Cricket increases in popularity in Finland. Mostly the sport is played by foreigners living in Finland. Finnish people find the hobby groups mostly by hearing through the grapevine. In Turku there are also cricket players.

Reporter: In Finland cricket is mostly considered a strange relative of the Finnish baseball. Here, in the promised land of ice-hockey and motorsports, cricket has been left in the shadows for the larger audiences. However, cricket is now gaining a stronger foothold also in Finland.

Pasi: cricket is played surprisingly actively in Finland, with the number of teams in the Finnish league starting to approach 20. So the position of cricket is quite strong and getting stronger all the time at a fast pace.

Reporter: Most of the cricket enthusiasts in Finland are so far still foreigners. Players can be found from numerous countries, such as India, Australia and South-Africa.

Hari [in English]: We have so many immigrants, or foreigners, here, to work or study, and they all play cricket. And also Finnish people are getting interested these days. There are a couple of Finnish teams also involved in this league.

Reporter: The framework for playing cricket is getting better all the time. In addition to getting good conditions for playing, the players wish that general interest toward the sport would increase.

Hari [in English]: The Finnish cricket association is trying to improve it [the conditions for playing]. They have their own ground which is grass and everything, fully for cricket, and it’s quite good.

Pasi: Especially the players themselves wish that we would get more visibility, and more young people involved, and also the local Finnish population. And this is also slowly happening.


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