Indoor Cricket Champions 2015

It all began when a humble boy from Pakistan landed on the Finnish soil, he had flair in his eyes and his passion for cricket was burning deep in his heart. He left his country but could not leave cricket. This guy was Salman Qayyum Mian. FinnAsia’s most valued player and opening bowler for many years. He was a key player in winning the playoffs in 2011 against SKK and securing FinnAsia’s position in Div. 1 of the SM league of the Finnish Cricket Association. Even though he needed to move to Oulu, far off from Turku, leaving his beloved FinnAsia behind, he didn’t let this distance come in between his passion for the game. He founded a sister association to FinnAsia with a few like minded and talented players in Oulu, aptly naming his team Northern Lights Cricket Association (NLCA) Oulu. Just like Northern Lights, it is a pure pleasure and a spectacle to watch them in action.This team has been rising from day one and has been only getting better over the years. This was proven by them in the indoor tournament when they reached the Finals back to back two years in a row, and finally winning it comprehensively in 2015. Defending the championship brought home by FinnAsia. FinnAsia wishes Salman and Northern lights Oulu a very hearty congratulations and wishes that they keep on playing better cricket in the years to come.

Go Northern Lights ! Go Oulu !


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